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wildabeast's PC Profile


My PC's Name:Beastiality
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Play games, Rip DVD's ,and surf for stuff on the net
Internet Connection:AT&T U-Verse Pro Speed
Where I


MotherboardDFI LP-P35 UT
RAM/Memory2 x 2Gigs of GSkill PC2 8000 RAM
Processor/CPUIntel Q6600 2.4GHz @ 3.2GHz
Video Card2 x Sapphire Radeon 3870 w512MB Ram
Sound CardCreative X-Fi Platinum
Power SupplyCooler Master 850 Watt
Hard Drive(s)Samsung F1 750Gig, Seagate 7200.11 500Gig
Optical Drive(s)Philips 20x DVD Burner
Cooling SetupThermalright Ultra 120 Extreme
PCI CardsKiller NIC

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorAcer 24 inch
Keyboard & MouseLogitech G15 2nd Edition, Logitech G9
Sound SystemLogitech 5.1
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro 32-bit, Windows 64-bit