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tbrown5615's PC Profile

I'm 22, Living in philly, and focusing very hard on grauating college, and obtaining my certs.

In The Beginning
My Ignorace to computers is what drove me learn absolutely every thing there is to know about them.
About two years ago before i knew anything about computers i broke my gilfriends pc, well back then i thought it was broke, but now that i think back all i had to do was back up the data reformatt the HD and reinstall the O/S plus Apps.

I've been building for the past year and a half and loving it.

I have finally found my pashion, and there's no turning back

So ladies and gentle men i would like to present to you the first COOL computer that i have built.

Introducing: XZAVIOR 9


My PC's Name:XZAVIOR 9
Date Built/Last Mod:March 2006
Building PCs for:Less than 1 year
Purpose of My PC:Gamming, Film editing, Movies, Audio
Internet Connection:Itergrated NIC 100/100 CC -High speed Internet
Furniture:In the process of building a stand for my tower.
Where I


Processor/CPUNot yet selected
Video Cardcomming
Sound Cardnot yet selected
Power Supplycomming
CaseATX Plexi Glass

Other Goodies

Sound SystemLinked to 500w Reciever w/ 4 - 12"subwoofers, 2 - 6"mids and 3 - 3" tweeters all in my living room. NO BS!
Other Software UsedWin XP Sp2