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sheepman's PC Profile

Right now, this is sorta pointless. The only computer I'm using right now is a laptop I ordered from dell with everything I wanted in it. I havent changed it at all. I used to use an older dell for about 2 years (untill this spring when I got the laptop), and I had changed pretty much everything but the motherboard, case, and CPU. Nothing flashy, though, so no use talking about that either.


My PC's Name:Margine Jr. hah The old desktop had the name of Margine. I dont even remember why...
Date Built/Last Mod:Last mod to the desktop was maybe December? It was a Creative sound card.
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:I hope to build a desktop from scratch soon, but as to how soon, I'm not sure. I really dont even have an idea in mind about what specific things I want to put in it, just that I would like to make one - my old desktop was my first computer, and like I said, I changed it a lot, but I didnt build it from scratch.
Purpose of My PC:Most of the time I just use the internet on my computer, but most of the mods on my old computer were entertainment related - New sound card, TV tuner...
Furniture:I just used a desk for my old one, but the laptop has a little spot on my nightstand next to my vcr


Processor/CPU1.66 Intel core solo

Other Goodies

Operating SystemWindows XP media center