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sgrinavi's PC Profile

My first computer was a comodore 64, I purchased a color IBM PC XT with 640K RAM and a 10 MB hard dirve. With the epson dot matrix printer it cost just over $7500.. That was in the early 80's -- in todays dollars thats between $15 and $25 thousand dollars (depending on how you calculate it). Lotus 123 came on a 360k floppy, we used that along with Dbase II to run our projects.

I continued to upgrade and started to repair and build my own. I actually had to build my own cases at one point! I started with CAD programs in the early 90's and have been using them since.

Fast forward to today.. I currently have two AMD based NVIDIA systems, a X2 with a soft-modded quadro card that I use for modeling and 1 Opty with a pair of 7800 GTs thats set up for gaming, but mostly acts as a render server.


Date Built/Last Mod:07/31/07
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:I am collecting parts for a new win xp64 build, I have a Q6600 gigbyte p35-ds3r, raid 0, gtx 8800, muskin pc8500 xp ram, tuniq tower...
Benchmarks:13000 3d marks with my opty gamer, 145 fps in Doom 3 -

I don't really care, I just use them to measure performance increases for various tweeks
Purpose of My PC:3d Modeling
Internet Connection:Cable
Where I Shop:Newegg


RAM/Memorymushkin XP DDR2 PC8500
Processor/CPUQ6600, G0 Stepping
Video CardPNY GTX 8800
Hard Drive(s)pair seagate SATA 250 MB - Raid 0

Other Goodies

Display/Monitorpair 20" LCDs
Backup System(s)external 320 GB drive
Operating Systemwin xp 64
Other Software Used3ds MAX, ADT