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sandman331's PC Profile

I'm Luke and I'm about to begin University at Newcastle, Australia - hopefully :). I am a gamer and subsequently I have got into the PC building hobby. I am one to push my hardware so I need to get alot out of my PC. I pick components on bang-for-buck rating and gaming performance rather than benchmark performance.


My PC's Name:Aries
Date Built/Last Mod:August 2008
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:Firstly I'm going to replace my broken PSU!! The ol' Zalman 600 has treated me well, but ended up a bit noisy with a strange rattle then one day I short circuited it (I'm talented I know) - but I wanted to replace it anyway, all I've lost is the resell value. I'm looking at a Corsair 620. Then I'm looking at a core overhaul - new CPU E8500, 2GB more of ram, a second 9600GT, and maybe uprade my cooling system and silence my PC.
Benchmarks:Havn't been able to bench for a while but might get some done soon.
Purpose of My PC:Gaming
Internet Connection:Broadband: Cable
Furniture:Big desk, shelves, the works. Would like a nice chair.
Where I


MotherboardEVGA nForce 780i
RAM/Memory2GB Corsair DOMINATOR DDR2-1066 OC 1120MHz
Processor/CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6320 1.86GHz OC 2.45GHz
Video CardGalaxy GeForce 9600GT 512MB
Sound CardOnboard Realtek HD Audio
Power SupplyZalman 600HP
CaseAntec Twelve Hundred
Hard Drive(s)2x Seagate Barracuda 3.5" 500GB 32MB 7200RPM
Optical Drive(s)Pioneer SATA 20x DVD-RW
Other DrivesVantec EZ-Swap EX
Cooling SetupZalman 9700, Stock Antec TriCool Fans (1x 200mm, 7x 120mm)
PCI CardsN/A
Other ModsN/A

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorViewSonic 22" LCD HDTV
Keyboard & MouseLogitech G15 v1 + Logitech G9 - SteelSeries QcK
Sound SystemSennheiser HD 212 Pro Headphones
Backup System(s)Seagate Momentus 2.5" 200GB 16MB 7200
External HardwareSeagate Momentus 2.5" 200GB 16MB 7200, Asus Eee PC 701 4GB (the old school one)
Operating SystemVista Home Premium 64-bit