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prescy's PC Profile

At first, just facinated and interested to know what's inside a computer system!...then became interested on how to build one from scratch...really mean scratch ... from old discarded Computers! ....then one day, using an old, very slow computer (w/Pentium II processor), i stumbled upon..."how to build your own computer" on the internet(using dial-up connection) ... I became more, and more interested to know the details on computer, I bought the e-book!
To make the story am using a little faster system (Pentium 4 & XP OS) w/ cable modem!...all through the help of one person......MR. ROBERT BLACKSTONE through his..HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN COMPUTER E-BOOK!


My PC's Name:Jorelle
Date Built/Last Mod:May/2006
Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Future Plans:At present, am using the on-board video card but wants to upgrade to a better graphics card...but dont know yet what, also I want to add a firewire card for my video cam!
Purpose of My PC:Research, Play Games, IM friends
Internet Connection:Braodband speed is 3Mbps, Thompson Speedtouch Modem
Furniture:Study Table


MotherboardMSI 865G/GV3-V (MS-7101)
RAM/MemoryKingston 512 MB
Processor/CPUIntel Pentium 4 CPU 3.06 GHz
Sound CardRealtek AC97 Audio
Hard Drive(s)80 Gigabyte
Optical Drive(s)Samsung RW 52-32-52

Other Goodies

Keyboard & MouseLogitech
Sound SystemECO Speakers
Operating SystemWin XP
Other Software UsedAdobe Photoshop 6
Borton Internet Security 2007
MS Office XP Orif, 2005