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political_pwnage's PC Profile

Hey Guys,
I'm a 15 year old guy from down in New Zealand. Probably 2 years ago I decided I was sick and tired of playing games that would only work on a little crappy computer so I started saving up from a job. A year later and I have my great machine, still a couple of upgrades away though.


Date Built/Last Mod:Last Upgrade 1 October, Rest of machine built 1 November 2006
Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Future Plans:Need to Get a Core 2 Duo and a motherboard for it!!
Purpose of My PC:Gaming and a bit of Graphics design
Furniture:On a desk, stole my dads Lazy Boy roll around chair. :D


MotherboardM2N32-SLI Deluxe for AM2
RAM/Memory2 GB Corsair DDR 2 6400
Processor/CPUAMD X2 4600+
Video CardXFX 8800GTS XXX Editon 640mb :P
Sound CardOnboard
Power Supply520w Raidmax
CaseRaidmax Ninja 918
Hard Drive(s)250gb
Optical Drive(s)DVD/RW DL
Cooling SetupStandard Fans
PCI CardsVideo Capture

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorViewsonic VP2030b 20.1" of pure pixels
Keyboard & MouseG15 Keyboard and a Logitech Trackball
Sound SystemAltec Lansing 2.1
Operating SystemWin XP Pro