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ouroboro's PC Profile

All hail King Ouro Borg, Master of the Enemy Territories!


My PC's Name:LOL?
Date Built/Last Mod:I forget...
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:To thumb my nose at Mr. Moore as long as possible.
Purpose of My PC:To not be able to run any modern games, apparently.
Internet Connection:ADSL @ 3000/768 (fastpath)
Furniture:Case on floor, keyboard on head.
Where I Shop:Once you know, you Newegg!


RAM/MemoryFails to calculate Pi almost immediately
Processor/CPUApparently not fast enough
Video CardFrom bleeding-edge to outdated, faster than you can say "Moore's Law"
Sound CardYep
Power SupplyBarely enough
CaseCheap flimsy garbage
Hard Drive(s)200 gigs of Mr. Hands movies
Optical Drive(s)CDRW
Other DrivesDon't copy that floppy!
Cooling SetupPretty cool aluminum sink; 2 case fans
PCI CardsNope
Other ModsNewp

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor19" CRT
Keyboard & MouseA joke with 2-key rollover and an MX518 with a 500 Hz USB patch
Sound SystemSennheiser HD280 Pro
Backup System(s)What for? I'd be happy if my crackpipe...I mean computer...broke.
External HardwareWebcam so old the software won't install
Operating SystemXP Pro
Other Software UsedET Pro :-)