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merlin_2000_au's PC Profile

Student in IT industry for 2 years. Playing with them for 10 years.


My PC's Name:Phillippa
Date Built/Last Mod:June this year
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Be in computer repair industry as worker or business owner if i cant get a job in the industry.
Purpose of My PC:got sick of old hardware not cutting the mark (AMD k6 2/300, 96mb ram, 16mb voodoo2 pci video, cd-rom - yeah I know ANCIENT)
Internet Connection:Dial-up internal modem 56k
Furniture:nothing to brag about
Where I Shop:


RAM/Memory2X1Gb corsair pc-4200
Processor/CPUIntel core 2 diuo E6600
Video CardXFX GeForce 8500GT 256MB DDR2 TV DVI PCIE PV-T86J-UAL3
Power SupplyGeneric 250w
CaseATX Generic ASUS
Hard Drive(s)Western Digital 160Gb SataII 8Mb Cache 7200RPM
Optical Drive(s)Liteon 16X DVD/CD/RW burner combo
Other DrivesN/A
Cooling SetupGeneric CPU heatsink and fan. No extra cooling.
PCI CardsModem
Other ModsNope

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorCrappy CRT IBMG51
Keyboard & MouseGeneric PS2 and maxxa old mouse
Sound SystemGeneric speakers
Backup System(s)N/A
External HardwareUSB LG 2Gb Flash drive
Operating SystemWindows XP Home SP2
Other Software UsedNorton System works 2006
Spybot search and destroy
Ad aware