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mangerda's PC Profile

I have dealt with computers for quite some time. My dad started to first build his computer back in 2000 and when I watched him put one together, thats when i started to get interested and pretty much how i started. I would spend hours on them trying to do different things, i would change things and sometimes would crash them and then fix the problems. I spend alot of time on them and some times when i do to much time on them, it ticks my girlfriend off but thats what you get when you get involved with technology.


My PC's Name:The Blue Machine
Date Built/Last Mod:2005-2008 Took a while to get it finalize because I kept upgrading
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:My future plans is to graduate from ITT Tech in Dayton in Aug 2009. I plans are to work for a business that repairs computers or even build them. Someday I would love to own my own business.
Purpose of My PC:Play games, burn cds, movies, and also watch movies.
Internet Connection:Cable
Furniture:Corner Desk
Where I Shop:Newegg-99% of the time


MotherboardP4M80-M4 Biostar Intel Socket 478
RAM/Memory2GB DDR 3200
Processor/CPU3.06Ghz Celeron Hyperthread Processor
Video CardNvidia NX 6200 256 MB
Sound CardXtreme Sound 5.1 PCI
Power SupplyThermaltake 700W Powersupply
CaseXoxide X-Purity EXE Edition Case
Hard Drive(s)36GB Raptor 10,000 RPM x2
Optical Drive(s)HP DVD/CD Burner with LiteScribe
Other DrivesCard Reader,Floppy
Cooling Setup1-120mm Fan 4-80mm Fans, Pure Copper Heatstink
Other ModsTwo Blue LED Tubes in Front, 3 fans are LED blue

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorDell 22" Sp2208WFP HD 1280p Monitor
Keyboard & MouseLogitech Mouse, Saitek Blue Keyboard
Sound SystemPanasonic 2.1 150W
Operating SystemWindows XP Home SP3 32bit