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kold_faxion's PC Profile

Well, not much to say. I enjoy long walks on the beaches of Far Cry, and blasting away my enemies in UT2004.


My PC's Name:WOPR
Date Built/Last Mod:01AUG2006
Building PCs for:3 to 4 years
Future Plans:Plan on gettin a Scythe Ninja cooler when funds arise. Also planning on a BFG PhysX card when a few more games support it.
Benchmarks:Waiting on video card to come in, then benches to follow :)
Purpose of My PC:Gaming, movies, general computing, stretching my e-penis...The usual thing.
Internet Connection:Internet provided by The Shitty, The Slow, The Horrible--InsightBB. Home networking provided by a shitty Linksys WRT54GV5, sharing my 4Mb/384Kb connection.
Furniture:WOPR sits on my desk, and I sit in a papasan :)
Where I


Motherboardabit AW8D
RAM/Memory2GB PC2 5400 Corsair XMS PRO
Processor/CPUIntel Pentium D 940
Video CardSapphire x1600xt 256MB PCI-E
Sound CardOnboard 7.1 Realtek ALC 882M via AudioMAX
Power SupplyAntec NeoHE 500w Modular PSU
CaseSome POS clear acrylic case.
Hard Drive(s)Seagate 320GB 16MB SATAII Perpindicular Recording
Optical Drive(s)Plextor 16x DVD-DL SATA burner
Cooling SetupCPU and GPU are running the stock coolers, with AS5 of course.
PCI CardsBFG PhysX card soon

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorNEC Multisync LCD1765
Keyboard & MouseKeyboard: Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard Mouse: Dell Optical pwn4g3
Sound SystemReciever: Technics SA-DX750 Sub: Klipsch powered 12in downfiring Fronts: KLH Tweaters Rears: Sony tri-range with 8in woofers
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional SP2
Other Software UsedMozilla Firefox