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kepla's PC Profile

I became interested in computers about 30 years ago from being an amateur radio enthusiast and constructing many electronics projects. Built several 'kit' computers back in the late 1970's and then started making add-ons for Sinclair Spectrum and Acorn BCC 'B' machines - I still have several of these ! Also put together a SWTP 6809-based system and a typical 'generic' CP/M system based around the S-100 bus and Z80 processor.
Currently have a collection of PCs. The only one I didn't build from scratch is the 1982 original IBM 'PC' which was salvaged from parts from a skip ! Also have a ACT Sirius-1 which uses similar technology to the PC but a different design.
Tend to put together a machine about every couple of years, so there's about 15 or 16 in my collection.


My PC's Name:Sirius, Osiris, Horus, Duras, Lursa, Betor, Castor, Pollux, etc.
Date Built/Last Mod:Current.
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Currently re-building my three workstation PCs with new motherboards, processors, memory and hard drives.
Benchmarks:If it works that's good enough for me !
Purpose of My PC:Just about everything except for games.
Internet Connection:Broadband / ADSL. Netgear DG814 & WAP.
Furniture:A variety, all home made.
Where I Shop:Buy nearly everything from various E-bay sellers with decent reputations.


MotherboardLatest is Gigabyte GA-7VRXP.
RAM/MemoryI Gb Samsung DDR333 / PC2700.
Processor/CPUAMD XP2400.
Video CardMatrox G450 dualhead.
Sound CardCreative Soundblaster Audigy Live plus.
Power Supply550 watts 'E-BOX'.
CaseSeveral, all modified to hold more hard drives and cool them properly.
Hard Drive(s)Many. Mostly Seagate 'U8' Barracuda ATA-V 80 Gb and Seagate Cheetah SCSI 18 Gb.
Optical Drive(s)Every machine has a DVD-ROM and a CD-R drive.
Other DrivesEvery machine has two floppies, an Iomega Zip drive and compact flash card reader.
Cooling SetupLots of fans, various makes, air filters on the intakes.
PCI CardsEvery machine has an Adaptec AU-2940 SCSI card.
Other ModsExtra high-brightness LEDs.

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorSeveral CTX 19" and 17" CRTs.
Keyboard & MouseLot of them ! Always Logitech.
Sound SystemLinn Wakonda pre-amp, LK-100 power amps and Kaber speakers.
Backup System(s)All machines mirror each others data partitions.
External HardwareToo much to list. Several printers and scanners - all HP.
Operating SystemAll machines triple-boot Red Hat Linux, BeOS and Windoze 2000.
Other Software UsedYes, lots !