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jim0615's PC Profile

I have been involved since i was in elemetry school. First computer build was with a 5K budget and it still runs now about 10years later!!! I have overclocked a 486DX, for those who don't know the DX part is actually important, from 33mhz to 40mhz. It wasnt much but the FSB was 1:1 with the proccessor at the time.

And yes i know my website has nothing on it yet it will soon.


My PC's Name:Anything but a girls name!
Date Built/Last Mod:Yesterday?
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Future pc will be a pair of woodcrest procs. Probably 2-4GB of ram depending on how well vista handles 2+gb. 2 x1600 cards feeding 3 monitors. Maybe a raid 0 array of 4*15k cheetahs.
Benchmarks:I will soon for my current desktop! Its a 2.4ghz oced to 3.2 with 1066 FSB and the DDR runs in sync
Comcast Premium
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Its supposed to do everything duh!
Internet Connection:Comcast Premium 8mbps/768kbps
Where I Shop:;-) This is for me to know.


MotherboardAsus P3C-800 E DLX
RAM/Memory1GB Geil DDR550
Processor/CPU2.4 P4 800FSB HT
Video CardAIW 9600XT
Sound CardAudigy 2 ZS
Power SupplyAntec True Power 550. The adjustable one...
CaseAspire, forgets the name. It has lots of space;-)
Hard Drive(s)2*120GB 7200.7 Seagates Sata in Raid 0. 160GB 7200.7 Seagate
Optical Drive(s)16x DVDR Burner and 52xCDRW burner
Other DrivesFloppy, zip 100.
Cooling SetupVolcano 7+, Active cooling on north brigde, south bridge is passive, all power regulators have heatsinks and the pll chip. Vid card has memory chip sinks and copper cooler with blue leds
PCI CardsRaedon 7000, modem with caller id, Usb2.0 card, Audigy,
Other ModsSee above...

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorLeft:KDS 19" flat CRT, Center:Dell 1907FP, Right: ViewSonic 19" CRT
Keyboard & MouseLogitech mx3000 desktop
Sound SystemI dunno but they where cheap and loud enought to wake the neighbors
Backup System(s)On server, raid 1 array.
External HardwareOCZ rally and other random flash drives
Operating SystemWin XP Pro SP2
Other Software UsedVMWARE, and about 400 other apps. Yes i use them all randomly as i have yet to find that magical all in one tool!!!