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jag's PC Profile

I have been building PCs for myself, familly and friends for over 7 years. The building came when I moved from Mac to PC. Yes with Macs you couldn't really do much unless it was adding extensions or upgrade cards (which cost an arm and a leg).
After two PCs I moved to a high end PC box, since I invested in a Vapochill box/ Vapochill uses a fridge component to provide sub-zero temperatures for overclocking purposes !


My PC's Name:Silver JAG
Date Built/Last Mod:several months
Building PCs for:Never
Future Plans:Move to AMD 64
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Graphic Design, Web Site Design and HDTV
Internet Connection:7 Meg
Furniture:Nothing worth talking about


MotherboardA7N8X-E deluxe
RAM/Memory2x512 + 256 PC3200
Processor/CPUAthlon XP 3000
Video CardRadeon 9600
Sound Cardmotherboard
Hard Drive(s)"2x160 SATA (1)" and "2x120 ATA133" and "2 x 120 external NAS (networked)"
Optical Drive(s)Pioneer DVD burner plus PlexWriter Premium CD Burner
Other Drivesfloppy
Cooling SetupVapochill plus 3 PAPST 120mm fans
PCI CardsNone

Other Goodies

Keyboard & MouseLogitech
Sound SystemHiFi System with BOSE speakers linked with digital coaxial cable from motherboard
Backup System(s)NAS external drives
External Hardware2 x 120 external NAS (networked)
Operating SystemWindows and SUSE Linux