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ironjudge's PC Profile


My PC's Name:Z~ultra
Date Built/Last Mod:Feb 2, 08
Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Purpose of My PC:gaming/music
Internet Connection:DSL 1000
Furniture:plain brown desk
Where I


Motherboardnvidia nforce 790 SLI
RAM/Memory2x 4G corsair ram cards
Processor/CPUAMD athlon 64fx-74 3.0Ghz
Video Card2x Gforce 8800 GT sli config
Sound Cardonboard lol
Power Supplyultra black box 1000W
Hard Drive(s)2x 250G
Optical Drive(s)2x lightscribe dvd rewriters
Other Drives12 in 1 generic card reader
Cooling SetupZALMAN 92mm CPU Cooler
PCI CardsKiller NIC M1

Other Goodies

Display/Monitorcheap forign job 23" flat
Keyboard & Mousemicrosoft bluetooth wireless
Sound Systemlogitech 2.1
External Hardware1Tera external media drive
Operating Systemwindows XP