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hitchface's PC Profile


My PC's Name:The Aviator
Date Built/Last Mod:November of 2006/August 2008
Building PCs for:3 to 4 years
Future Plans:I made this system with the ability to upgrade in mind. SLI ready, 8 gigs of RAM supported, AM3 ready, and plenty of room to work with. Now I realize that SLI isn't worth my time, and that C2D would have been a better option. However, I am still AM3 ready, which is comforting.

Mobo upgrade and more RAM, for sure.
Purpose of My PC:Games and work...meaning lots of first person shooters and marketing.
Internet Connection:Fast.
Furniture:On the desk, where it belongs.
Where I Shop:Memory Express
Tiger Direct


MotherboardAsus M2N4-SLI
RAM/Memory2x1 GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800
Processor/CPUAMD Athlon X2 6000+
Video CardXFX GeForce 9800GTX
Sound CardCreative X-Fi Xtreme Audio 5.1
Power SupplyPC Power and Cooling Silencer 750
CaseAntec Nine Hundred
Hard Drive(s)80 gig and 250 gig Seagate Barracudas, 7200 rpm
Optical Drive(s)LG DVD+/- CD/RW combo drive
Cooling Setup3 x 120mm Aerocool Xtreme Turbines, 1 x 120mm Antec Tri-Cool, 1 x 200mm Antec TriCool topped off by a Zalman CNPS9500 for the CPU.
PCI CardsDelta 44 sound card, Creative sound card
Other ModsMy warranty is void if I mod...shucks. I have a fan controller if that counts.

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor22" Samsung SyncMaster
Keyboard & MouseRazer Arctosa, Razer DeathAdder mouse
Sound SystemCreative Inspire T6100 5.1
External HardwareM-Audio Delta 44 break out box...and a USB drive.
Operating SystemDual Boot: Windows XP MCE 2005, Ubuntu Studio
Other Software UsedFirefox, Launchy, LogMeIn, CCleaner, AVG, Avast, Spybot...F.E.A.R., Far Cry, FSX, CoD2, CoD4, Crysis, TF2, HL2, Assassin's Creed,...Ardour, Hydrogen, Jack