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fleeingpepper's PC Profile


My PC's Name:Susan
Date Built/Last Mod:11/17/06
Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Benchmarks:3dmark06: 4590
Purpose of My PC:Play games, Edit videos, watch movies, pretty much everything
Internet Connection:Cox, forgot what speed
Furniture:On the floor. :(
Where I Shop:Newegg
PC Club
Comp USA


MotherboardAsus P5W DH Deluxe
RAM/Memory1 Gig A data Dual Channel 512 ddr2-800
Processor/CPUCore 2 Duo E6400
Video CardSapphire Radeon X1950 Pro
Sound CardRealtek Integrigated
Power SupplyXclio 450bl
CaseThermaltake Armor Black With Side Window
Hard Drive(s)120 Gig Seagate, 200 Gig Maxtor (both IDE)
Optical Drive(s)Sony CD-R/DVD-Rom drive, Liteon DVD-R drive
Other Drivesfloppy
Cooling Setup2 120mm fans (one front one back) 4 90mm fans (two exhaust, two on heatsink) heatsink: scythe bear dual fans
PCI CardsKworld Vstream X-Pert DVD Maker

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorMag 17" CRT
Keyboard & MouseLogitech S510 Cordless Desktop
Sound SystemLogitech x530
Backup System(s)Surge protector (generic?)
External HardwarePink Ipod Mini 4 gig, Mustek DV3000, Asus remote
Operating SystemXP home edition (Running Litestep with Nonstep theme)
Other Software UsedFirefox
Nonstep theme for Litestep