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d3v1lpwn3r's PC Profile

I'm Alex and I am a generic geek. That is how i became interested in computers to be perfectly honest.


My PC's Name:The local Police Constible in Stoney Stanton is called "Chico". He's very good at telling naughty bo
Date Built/Last Mod:4ghz on a Pentium II
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Get a real job that can actually let me afford parts quicker. 6000 per annum is bugger all...
Benchmarks:LOL! I got 100fps on COD on a Tiny computer. It has a 2.4 ghz Celeron D (overclocked to 2.52), 512mb of the 500mhz ram and a GeForce 5200fx. All settings were on high. The operating system was my own custom Linux distro based on Ubuntu and used the XFCE desktop environment.
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Just because computers are directly proportional to the size of your e-penis, to be honest.
Internet Connection:2mbps on BTInternet bcause I live in the middle of nowhere.
Furniture:WTF kind of question is this? Yes I have funishing in my room. he pc is on the floor, monitor on the
Where I Shop:
They are the best, they have everything you need.


MotherboardAsus P5K Premium/WiFi-AP
Processor/CPUIntel Core 2 Quad-Core Q6600 GO
Video CardBFG Technologies GeForce 8800 GTX OC2
Sound CardNone, use built-in sound on mobo
Power Supply720W Atrix pPFC
CaseXclio Propeller
Hard Drive(s)400gb
Optical Drive(s)2x CD/DVD+RW.
Other DrivesFlash card doodaaah
Cooling SetupTeh might of the Tuniq Tower 120!
PCI Cards*sigh* Who uses them anymore? Mine is a motorised cup holder.
Other Mods^^ The cup holder where the Floppy drive should be.

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor19" widescreen
Keyboard & MouseMouse is logitech keyboard is scan ownbrand lol.
Sound SystemCreative 5.1
Backup System(s)none
External HardwareThe usual...
Operating SystemDual-Boot Ubuntu and Vista Ultimate.
Other Software UsedLOADS
Counter-strike: Source is a favourite
So is Opera.