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csTYCOON's PC Profile

Got a pentium 3 1GHz in late 2001 to get into Counter Strike 1.2 and never looked back. And of course you always need more FPS so that how I got to where I am. I currently work at a computer *only* store downtown in my city.


My PC's Name:Steve
Date Built/Last Mod:Feb 2nd
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:Get rid of my crossfire setup in favor of a DX10 sli setup, allready have the SLI board..
Purpose of My PC:Games and multimedia
Internet Connection:6mb Download 1mb Upload
Where I Shop:OTV Technologies


MotherboardA8R32-MVP Deluxe
RAM/Memory2X 1GB Hynix PC3200 (2.5-3-3-7)
Processor/CPUAMD X2 3800+ (2x 2.55GHz)
Video CardCrossfire X850XT's
Sound CardAudigy 2 ZS
Power SupplyOCZ 450Watt Modstream
CaseCoolermaster Wavemaster
Hard Drive(s)36GB Raptor, 500GB Seagate
Optical Drive(s)2 x 16x LG DL DVD Burners
Other DrivesMitsumi Flopticle, cardreader combo
Cooling SetupCoolermaster Aquagate

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor20.1" Widscreen LG (8ms, 1400:1)
Keyboard & MouseLogitech G15, Logitech G7
Sound SystemLogitech Z-5300e
Backup System(s)sk.754 Sempron 2800+ @ 2.2GHz (from 1.6 :D)
External HardwareSennheiser HD series Headphones (not noob shit)
Other Software UsedXP Home