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cirrus's PC Profile

Been building PCs for 1997.


Date Built/Last Mod:September / 2007
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:None at the moment. Bit fed up with comps right now, since I have to fix other people's comps too.
Purpose of My PC:XP to Vista change-over.
Internet Connection:8/1
Where I Shop:Bit by bit from stores


MotherboardAsus P5KC
RAM/MemoryMushkin DDR2 800MHz 4-4-3-10. 2GB total.
Processor/CPUE6750 @ 3,2GHz
Video Card8800GTS 640mb at 625/1000
Sound CardAudigy 2
Power SupplySeasonic S-12 Plus 650W
CaseChieftec something
Hard Drive(s)1 IDE, 2 Sata ~ 750GT
Optical Drive(s)1
Other Drives1 floppy
Cooling Setupair, 3 ultra quiet case fans.

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor19" Belinea 8ms MVA
Keyboard & MouseLogitech MX110 + G7
Sound Systemdesktop speakers
External Hardwarewebcam, TV tuner etc...
Operating SystemVista 32 Home Premium