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chvyzl1's PC Profile

Got my first pc at 13. A hp 320a took it apart in the first week and overclocked it (without much success w/ the crappy hp bios). I've had 6 different setups since then.


My PC's Name:frankenstein
Date Built/Last Mod:just rebuilt this one a few weeks ago. Latest mod would be volt modding the 7900gt to 1.55 core and
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:One of these days I will go either am2 or core duo. I'll probably get a 8800gtx before then.
Benchmarks:6823 in 3DMark06
Purpose of My PC:gaming, music server, whatever
Internet Connection:3 Mbps Verizon crap
Where I


MotherboardDFI NF4 SLI-DR Expert
RAM/Memory2 Gb 1024x2 Patriot DDR 550
Processor/CPUAMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ @ 2.83 w/ 1.58v : 41 C load on Swiftech Sorm
Video CardGeForce 7900GT @ 705/1890 on air + pci FX5500 for 3rd and 4th monitors
Sound CardX-FI
Power Supply620W Enermax Liberty modular
CaseAntec P180 Silver
Hard Drive(s)2x 150Gb 10,000rpm WD Raptors RAID 0, 2x 250Gb 7,400rpm Seagate Barracudas RAID 0, 1x WD 120Gb Backup Drive0
Optical Drive(s)1x Lite-on DVD burner, 1x Sony DVD/CD reader
Cooling SetupWatercooled Cpu block: Swiftech Storm. Pump: D5. Radiators: 2x120 BIX. Videocard on air w/VF900-Cu
PCI CardsAsus Geforce FX5500 for 3nd/4rd monitors, X-FI
Other ModsCustom waterpump mount between HDs and PSU in lower chamber. Custom fan mount in front of both HD cages. Flat black paint on all bare metal areas on inside and outside behind door.

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorAcer AL1914 (center)+ (2x) Acer AL1714 (L+R)+ MAG 15" above
Keyboard & MouseLogitec G7 wireless laser mouse, Logitech G15 gaming keyboard
Sound SystemYamaha HTR-5730 reciever, home-built center, L+R and sub. Yamaha 6 1/2" bookshelfs for surrounds
Backup System(s)MSI Neo 2 Platinum, AMD 64 3000+ 1.8 @ 2.7 w/ Zalman CNPS9500AM2, 6600gt @ 600/1200 on air, 1 Gb 512x2 Corsair VS, 2x250Gb 7,400rpm Seagate Barracudas RAID 0
External HardwareSaitek X52 Joystick/Throttle, 1.8" 60Gb Ipod HD in external case (usb)
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro