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caraboose's PC Profile

I don't even know why I build this beast any more. But I'm addicted


My PC's Name:Nighthawk
Date Built/Last Mod:I'm always upgrading
Building PCs for:3 to 4 years
Future Plans:god only knows
Benchmarks:Benchmarks hate me, so I hate them
Purpose of My PC:Flight Simulator and Crysis
Internet Connection:12 000kb/s down, 800kb/s up
Furniture:It sits on a desk behind my dual monitors kthxbai
Where I


MotherboardeVGA 780i FTW
RAM/MemoryOCZ Reaper PC8500 4gb (2x2)
Processor/CPUQ9550 C1 @ 3400MHz 1.25v, stock vid: 1.15v
Video CardeVGA GTX280 BFG GTX280 + MSI 9600GSO 96sp for Physx
Sound CardNone
Power SupplyCorsair 1000HX
CaseCool Master HAF 932
Hard Drive(s)2 500GB, 1 320GB, 1 250GB
Optical Drive(s)2 LG Super read / writes
Cooling SetupThermalRite Ultra Extreme 120, 7 120mm Scythe 1900rpm Kazy Jyuni's, 1 Antec Tri-speed
Other ModsI'm a case modder what do you think I do?

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor3 LG 22" (5040x1050)
Keyboard & MouseKeyboard: G15, Mouse: Logitech thing
Sound SystemZ2300s
Backup System(s)I have to many
Operating SystemVista Ultimate X64