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brutforce's PC Profile

I have been building, modding, repairing, tweaking and seviceing computers for around 7-8 years now. I worked for just about every computer based sales and service center in and around Ocala FL. I decided to not make someone else the money anymore and go into business on my own. Myself and two other partners and friends on\f mine started Computer Age Tech Specialists aka....C.A.T.S Inc. approx 2-3 years ago and have encountered just about every problem that is known to exist. With all three of us there has been nothing that we have not been able to fix or solve.
The computer im listing is my personal computer i built about a year and a half ago but still it just about out performs anynthing still. The first 2 pics are a bit older and a few things have changed since then. For instance, the heatsink is stock in the first 2 pics and the power supply is an ultra 550 watt modular. That power supply has since died and so has the stock heatsink and fan.


My PC's Name:The Beast
Date Built/Last Mod:March 2006/ June 2007
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:I plan on revamping my set up completely to the point where i might just sell this one to start all over. I still plan on sticking with AMD though. I would like to go with an AM2 set-up, DDR2 RAM, ,and at least 1 8800 GTX KO graphics card. Havent decided on the type of case yet.
Purpose of My PC:I built it for the purpose of getting the best possible play out of the Battlefield series of games and for some props on all the series of 3dmark benchmarks.
Internet Connection:Cable 16mb down/ 1.5 mb up
Furniture:Black and gray slate corner desk
Where I


MotherboardAbit AN8 SLi Fatal1ty socket 939
RAM/Memory2gb Corsair XMS Pro DDR 3200 w/Activity LED's
Processor/CPUAMD 4800+ X2
Video Card(2) eVga 7800 GT KO 256mb PCI XPress SLi
Sound CardAudigy 7.1 Surround (included with the fatal1ty board)
Power SupplyThermaltake Tough Power 700 watt Modular
CaseASUS Vento- Blue
Hard Drive(s)300gb Maxtor SATA II
Optical Drive(s)Plextor 16x DVD-RW
Other Drives7-in-1 Card Reader w/ floppy
Cooling SetupCOOLER MASTER GeminII RR-CCH-ANU2-GP CPU+ Board Cooler
PCI CardsASUS Ageia Physx Card 128mb
Other Mods(2) 120mm fans mounted on CPU Heatsink

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor19" Proview Widescreen 5ms
Keyboard & MouseLogitech Cordless Duo w/rechargable optical mouse
Sound SystemAltec Lansing 120watt 5.1 surround
External HardwareHP 2710 ALL-IN-One photoprinter
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro SP2
Other Software UsedAdobe Photoshop CS
Nero 7.85 Ultra Ed.
Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Ed.
XP Plus
XP Plus DIgital Media Ed.
Mya 6.0