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bagster4321's PC Profile

I'm a physics student at ISU, so I game, but not all the time. Most of the time, I just have a shit tonne of programs open doing schoolwork. Hence my decision to get 6GB of random access memory.
I love university internet.


My PC's Name:Ramon11
Date Built/Last Mod:March 2008
Building PCs for:3 to 4 years
Future Plans:Ima gonna graduate
Benchmarks:I got 12000 on 3DMark 06
I ran ORTHOS blend test successfully for 26.5Hrs, so I guess I'm good to go.
Purpose of My PC:Schoolwork/Gaming/HD Movies
Internet Connection:Dual Gigabit Ethernet - Rated by @ ~60Mbps
Furniture:Desk w/ office chair
Where I Shop:Newegg


MotherboardASUS Maximus Formula
RAM/Memory6GB @1044Mhz
Processor/CPUC2D E320 @3.045Ghz
Video CardBFG 8800GTX @624Mhz
Sound CardASUS SoundMAX
Power SupplyThermaltake Pure Power 600W/Thermaltake 250W
CaseCM Stacker 830
Hard Drive(s)2x 150GB WD Raptors in RAID 0/1x 250GB/1x 500GB
Optical Drive(s)SONY DVD Burner
Other Drives2GB Flash Drive
Cooling Setup7 case fans/Zalmn 9700

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorLG 20.1" 1680x1050
Keyboard & MouseGeneric
Sound SystemLogitec 2.1
External HardwareEpson RX595 Photo All-in-one
Operating SystemWindows Vista Business x64
Other Software UsedMathematica 5
Microsoft Office 2007
Windows Media Player 11
Nero 8
Corel Paint Shop Pro XI
SiSoftware Sandra Professional Home
Adobe Master Collection