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allthetimeonline's PC Profile

I was hooked the first time I took a side panel off to get inside. Really getting tired of outdated and slow socket 7's I decided to devise one of my own. So with Income Tax Refund I started buying components. Im in the infancy stage when it comes to computing, especially when it applies to internal functioning there is so much thats just "Greek" to me that it can be overwhelming. Im just scratching the surface and I feel it everytime I get to looking at anything up close and I cant help feeling a bit more ignorant than I care to be. Oh Well I guess an infant takes baby steps to get where he's going, so I will too.


My PC's Name:MY Baby
Date Built/Last Mod:June, July, August,?
Building PCs for:Less than 1 year
Future Plans:Just to get this "baby" working. Im sure I wont stop here with first one.
Benchmarks:Bench mark hell just getting it out of the asus start up screen is my goal, wont boot no post no setup am balking at RMAing the mobo but need to do something. Was seriously considering replacing the mobo with a Foxconn 925XE7AA-8EKRS2 for this build and after Rma Asus putting it up for future build with "on sale for a reaally good price" system.
Purpose of My PC:Hyperthreading, to do more without locking up, games, etc, music ..........
Internet Connection:DSL, Speed Stream
Furniture:an antique desk
Where I Shop:Tiger direct
Computer Geeks
Download sites for specific programs
Really cheap software


RAM/Memory2 G's of OCZ High Performance DDR2
Processor/CPU775 Core 2 Quad Q6600 Intell
Video CardNvidia XFX Geforce 7950 GT
Sound CardRealtek High Definintion 7 channel onboard
Power SupplyXFX 700
CaseGeneric/w blue lights see through side panel
Hard Drive(s)2 Seagate IDE 100 and 120 GB and a 500 GB Sata also Seagate
Optical Drive(s)2 dvd burners 1Lite on and the other just average
Other Drivesfloppy/w media card reader all in one
Cooling SetupSide panel and rear case fans, a pci card dual and a front panel dual case fan. OCZ Silver Thermal Paste, and inbox cpu fan
PCI Cardspobably an add on USB 2 unit? Maybe sound card?

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorV7 24 INCH WIDESCREEN
Keyboard & MouseOCZ laser gaming mouse and standard keyboard
Sound SystemAztec Lansing SERIES100/w subwoofer
Operating SystemDual Boot Xp Pro Service pack 2 and Vista Home Premium
Other Software UsedNero
Alcohol 120%
Real Arcade
Sis Sandra
System Mechanic 6 Pro