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WraithWarrior's PC Profile


My PC's Name:Unnamed
Date Built/Last Mod:around January 2006
Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Purpose of My PC:Mostly Uni work, but also to play games and browse the net
Internet Connection:1Mbps/ 802.11b/g Wireless router and 802.11g Wireless network card
Furniture:I have a desk that my computer sits on with three drawers to the side filled with computer stuff, e.
Where I
Bits 4 PC's (local shop)


MotherboardAsus AN8 SLi Delux
Processor/CPUAMD Athlon 64 3200
Video CardATi Radeon X300SE
Sound CardOnboard sound
Power SupplyATX 400W PSU
Case DabsXtreme ASPIRE Dreamer Midi 400W Black
Hard Drive(s)200GB total (120GB + 80GB - Unsure of make)
Optical Drive(s)2 x DVD+-RW, soon to add a new Litescribe DVD+-RW
Other Drives512Mb USB device and a floppy drive
Cooling Setup2 x 80mm blue UV fans, standard CPU heatsink
PCI CardsMagic TV-PVR PCI, SATA raid PCI card and a few USB PCI cards

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorAMW M179D 17" LCD Monitor)
Keyboard & MousePackard bell keyboard and Logitech laser mouse. I had to use the packard bell keyboard cuz my old one stopped working for some reason.
External Hardware2 512Mb SD memory cards, Eyet-T 009 microphone
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro
Other Software UsedMicrosoft Office 2000
Mozilla Firefox
ZoneAlarm security suite
AVG anti-virus
Adobe Photoshop 7.0
Nero Suite