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So0tH's PC Profile


My PC's Name:HAL9000
Date Built/Last Mod:4/APR/2008
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:SLI GT 512's
Purpose of My PC:Games
Internet Connection:12Mbit COX Cable


MotherboardEVGA 750i FTW
RAM/Memory4GB Dominator X2 - 2X2048-8500
Processor/CPUQ6600 - OC @ 3.6GHz
Video CardMSI GF 8800GT OC 512MB
Sound CardMOBO
Power SupplyThermaltake 750w
CaseAntec 900
Hard Drive(s)2x 36GB RAPTOR 10K RAID 0
Optical Drive(s)-
Other Drives-
Cooling Setup-
PCI Cards-
Other Mods-

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor24 Inch Sceptre
Keyboard & MouseG15 @ MX Revolutiom
Sound System-
Backup System(s)2x WD 300GB 7200 RAID 1
External Hardware-
Operating SystemVista Ultimate x64