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OC_LeGeND's PC Profile


Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Future Plans:Intel E6300 (Allendale) With 2GB of DDR2 667MHz
Purpose of My PC:Gaming, Photo Editing, & Graphic Design
Internet Connection:Highspeed DSL
Furniture:The Computer Sits on a Desk & I sit in a black leather executive chair
Where I Shop:Tigerdirect


MotherboardPlatinum Edition MSI 865PE NEO2-PFS
RAM/Memory2GB Of PC3200 @ 216MHz
Processor/CPUIntel Pentium 4 530 @ 4.05Ghz
Video CardATi Radeon 9600XT
Sound CardAudioexel 6 Channel PCI Sound Card
Power SupplyPowmax 400w
CaseAspire X-Cruiser (black)
Hard Drive(s)80GB Hitachi (IDE) & 40GB Seagate (IDE) & 120GB Maxtor (Sata)
Optical Drive(s)Dual Layer Toshiba Rewritable CD/DVD Drive
Other DrivesOne Floppy Drive
Cooling SetupSilverstone NT01 (v2) with 2 60mm Fans
PCI CardsOne Sound Card, Two Ethernet Controllers, & One Modem Card
Other ModsCustom Fan Bracket, Blue Led Fan Added To The PSU

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor17" Scanport CRT
Keyboard & MouseMultimedia Keyboard & Aopen Optical Mouse
Sound SystemSicuro speakers & Two 10" Sony Explode Subs
External HardwareNone
Operating SystemWindows Vista (32 Bit)
Other Software Usedxvi32
PSP 10
Photoshop CS2
Flash Backup 2.62
*and a few other programs i use to mod my Razr V3*