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Misslissa699626's PC Profile

I am designing a "mock" custome standard desktop computer. I really need help building it if some one out there is willing to help, that would be great because I dont have the 1st clue where to get started or what order I do this in.
I have to design my computer using components available from computer parts vendors. It cannot be a complete packaged computer from a computer systems manufacturer (Dell, HP, or Gateway)


My PC's Name:Melissas Dream Computer
Building PCs for:Never
Future Plans:I need to get bare minimum or
- Case
- power supply
- motherboard
- processor(CPU)
- CPU cooler (if not included)
- Video Card (if not included)
- Network card (if not included)
- Hard disk
- CD/DVD/ ROM drive
- Monitor
- Keyboard
- Mouse
Purpose of My PC:college assignment


CaseAntec 900 Midtower Computer Case

Other Goodies