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MikeHerIA63's PC Profile

AA Degree in Electronics(1966)
into computers since very early 80's
Built my first IBM compatible in 1987
built or rebuilt 26 so far
Age64-retired in 2004
Since I retired have built 6 of which 3 are still working here
2 computers I use and 1 I built for my granddaughters
Beta Testing for MS since December of 1997
Still am


Date Built/Last Mod:January 2006
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:After July(I hear that the AMD X2 64 bit cpu's may go down in price as much as 50%) I will be building a new one
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Waxhing TV/DVD movies-beta testing
Internet Connection:5 meg down/256 up-D-Link DL-604 router
Where I Shop:TigerDirect-WalMart-OfficeMax


MotherboardMSI K8N NEO Platinum
RAM/Memory1 gig DDR PC3200
Processor/CPUAMD Sempron x64 3300+ 2.0 ghz
Video CardeVGA nVidia geForce FX6200 256 meg memory
Sound Cardon board-realtech sound
Power SupplyUltra V-Series 500 watt
CasePremium case
Hard Drive(s)WD1200JB 120gig hd/Maxtor Diamondmax +10 80gig S ATA
Optical Drive(s)MicroAdvantage DVD+-RW/Dual layer
Other DrivesFloppy drive with media card reader
Cooling Setup120 mm fans on back case-120mm in power supply
PCI CardsPinnacle PCTV 110i TV card(cannot recommend for Vista)

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorHitachi CM721F 19"
Keyboard & MouseMicro Innovations Wireless Keyboard and Optical mouse
Sound SystemCreative Labs SBS 330-will upgrade to 5.1 suround sound
External HardwareUSB to IDE adapter with 40 gig hd
Operating SystemDual-boot Windows XP Pro SP2/Vista(current build)(32/64 bit)
Other Software UsedWeather Pulse-Office 2003-PowerDVD-Nero 6 dvd/cd burning -Windows OneCare-ad ware-spy bot search&destroy-Amatuer Radio software