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Mike.Gayner's PC Profile


Date Built/Last Mod:01/06/2005
Building PCs for:3 to 4 years
Purpose of My PC:Games, movies, m4d warez!!!shiftone
Internet Connection:2mbps DSL
Furniture:$20 chair, $50 desk


MotherboardMSI Neo-something-a-rather
RAM/Memory1.5GB minus one dead 512mb = 1gb
Processor/CPUAMD Athlon 64 3000xp
Video CardRadeon 9800xt
Sound CardOnboard or SB Live 5.1 depending on my mood
Power Supply400w cheap-o
Case3R Something
Hard Drive(s)120gb, 160gb, 200gb - Maxtors, 7200rpm, 8mb
Optical Drive(s)CD/DVD, DVD-RW
Other Drivesvarious
Cooling SetupLots of fans, plus a nifty fan controller
Other ModsA sticker over one of my 5.25" slots that says "Ubuntu - linux for human beings". But I'm running XP, coz linux sucks.

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor19" Widescreen Acer
Keyboard & MouseMicrosoft Keyboard, Logitech wireless whoodacky mouse
Sound SystemCreative 2.1
Backup System(s)
Operating SystemWindows XP Media Center
Other Software UsedGamez and m4dc0re hax!