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Lurid's PC Profile

Eh..i'm a 18 y.o. student from MS, one of my hobbies is building / overclocking computers.


My PC's Name:[Name Goes Here]
Date Built/Last Mod:Built in January 08, Constantly Updating
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:Upgrading the GPU, and finishing some updates to the wiring / cooling of the case. Such as adding a 120mm blowhole and a little more cable-fu. Thinking of picking up an 8800GT in the not too distant future.
Purpose of My PC:Games, Graphic Design, Overclocking
Internet Connection:DSL 6MBs Down
Furniture:Shitty compressed board desk.
Where I Shop:Newegg
Heatsink Factory


MotherboardDFI Blood Iron & Thermalright HR-05 SLI
RAM/MemoryCrucial Ballistix 4 x 1024MB
Processor/CPUIntel E2140 @ 3.2Ghz
Video CardEVGA 7900GS
Power SupplyEnermax Liberty 500w
CaseLian Li PC-7B Plus II w/ Yate Loon D12SL-12's
Hard Drive(s)Seagate Barracuda ES 320GB
Optical Drive(s)Stealthed Lite-On DVD-R/RW - CD-R/RW Drive
Cooling SetupScythe Infinity, Thermalright HR-05 Plus, Yate Loon D12SL-12's
Other ModsCase Handles, 120mm Blowhole, Wiring Mods, GPU Volt Mod

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorAcer AL1916W 19" WS LCD
Keyboard & MouseShitty Keyboard and Logitech MX518 Mouse
Backup System(s)PIII File Server
Operating SystemVista Home Premium (Stripped) & Ubuntu