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KaelitioN's PC Profile

Part-time Computer/ IT Technician.
Part-time Audio Production.

Working with computers for around 3 years , which might not seem like alot of time , but it quickly jumped from hobby to passion. Have been playing/writing/producing/composing electronic music for roughly the same amount of time but that all started with an old Yamaha keyboard at the age of 11. In my spare time I like to dismantle electonic devices and analyze their workings as well as write and compose music via software synths , samplers , and sequencers. I also work as a freelance repair/support technician when the need arises. That's about it. Oh yea ...sometimes I go out to places and do stuff with other humans.


My PC's Name:Xeon
Date Built/Last Mod:July/August
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Purpose of My PC:Audio Production. Heavy Multi-tasking
Internet Connection:15Mbps/900kbps broadband via onboard Gigabit NIC
Furniture:L-shaped glass office desk. 24u rack coming soon


MotherboardSupermicro XDGA8-G2 (Intel E7525 Tumwater)
RAM/Memory4X1024MB Kingston DDR2-400Mhz (PC2-3200)
Processor/CPU2X Intel Xeon 3.4Ghz 2MB L2 w/HT EMT64
Video CardAsus EN7600GS 512MB Dual VGA/DVI w/ S-Video PCI-Express X16
Sound CardM-Audio Fast Track USB. Onboard AC'97 (not really used)
Power Supply645W EPS12V
Case4U Extended ATX Tower/Rackmount
Hard Drive(s)2X 250GB 7.2K RPM SATA 300
Optical Drive(s)LG Multi/Combo CD-R/RW + DVD+/-R/RW RAM DL
Other Drives7-in-1 mem card reader
Cooling Setup\S604 heatsinks +Fans , 4X80mm front intake , 1X 80mm exhaust
PCI CardsSee "Graphics card" above

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorSharp LC42D64U 42" HDTV
Keyboard & MouseLogitech diNovo
Sound SystemKRK Rokit 6
Backup System(s)2X 250GB External USB HDDs
External Hardware2X 250GB External HDDs
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro / x64 / Linux 64Studio
Other Software UsedFL Studio 8
Nuendo 3