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Josifek's PC Profile

I am working with computers for abou 13 years, although i am only 16 years old. I Built my first when i was 14 years old, and i am upgrading untill nowdays.


Date Built/Last Mod:December 2007
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:I am planning a Bigtower mod.
Purpose of My PC:Games
Internet Connection:ADSL 1536/368
Furniture:I love my leather chair :D


MotherboardGigabite P35-DS3L
RAM/MemoryA-Data Vitesta Extreme Edition 800+ @ 1000Mhz 5-5-5-5-2T
Processor/CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E2140 1600@3200Mhz @1,525V
Video CardSapphire X1900XTX 512DDR3
Power SupplyAkasa Paxpower 460W
CaseOld Bigtower(mod in progress)
Hard Drive(s)WD 250Gb + Maxtor 40Gb
Optical Drive(s)LG DVD-RW
Cooling SetupBox cooling with many FANs

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor17" Samtron 76E
Keyboard & MouseA4 Tech X718-F + C-tech keyboard
Sound SystemDIY audio system
Operating SystemWindows XP-SP2 CZ