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JordanCupcakes's PC Profile

Hello My Name Is Jordan And I Like Cupcakes.


My PC's Name:Teh Cupcake Oven
Date Built/Last Mod:10/27/07
Building PCs for:2 to 3 years
Future Plans:new pc when 08 comes
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Gaming
Internet Connection:Cable 15mb's Down
Furniture:Ikea Desk
Where I Shop:Microcenter and


MotherboardEVGA 680i Sli Premium
RAM/Memory(2)OCZ Reaper's 1066mhz
Processor/CPUQ6600 Watercooled
Video CardEVGA 8800Ultra
Sound CardCreative Labs Xtreme Music
Power SupplyEnermax Galaxy
CaseAntec 900
Hard Drive(s)(2)Western Digital Raptor X 150gbs
Optical Drive(s)(2) CD/DVD Drives
Cooling Setup(4)120mm Fans with (1)200mm Fan

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor19" Wide
Keyboard & MouseG15 and G7
Sound SystemLogitech 5:1
Backup System(s)N/A
Operating SystemWindows Vista Home Premium 32bit