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Joe_B_Me's PC Profile

My dad use to work for IBM back in the day (pre Y2K). He would bring home a bunch of older systems for me to play with. My first system was a Compaq 286, go DOS go!. Since then I've gone through countless rigs. My current build was built solely for gaming. I'm currently aiming to upgrade it for a workstation environment for my future career (Civil Engineering).


Date Built/Last Mod:June 2007
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:I have a few upgrades I'll be doing in the next few months.
1) Upgrade to a Q6600
2) Upgrade to an EVGA 680i A1 motherboard
3) Cut out the back 2 80mm fans/mounting, add an aluminum plate, and cut a blowhole for a 120mm fan
Benchmarks:3DMark06 - 12573

3DMark03 - 43062

Aquamark3- 178,000
Purpose of My PC:Gaming
Where I Shop:Xoxide


MotherboardDFI Infinity P965-S
RAM/Memory1GB x 2 G-Skill DDR2 800 HZ's
Processor/CPUE6420 @ 3.4Ghz (1.51v)
Video CardFoxconn 8800GTX @ 630/1000
Sound CardIntegrated 7.1
Power SupplyOCZ 700W GameXStream
CaseCheiftec Aluminum Dragon
Hard Drive(s)910GB total (500, 250, 160)
Cooling SetupThermalright 120-ultra, stock air for the rest
Other ModsA Bunch

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorViewsonic VX2025MW
Keyboard & MouseGeneric Keyboard/Logitech G5
Sound SystemLogitech X-530 (70W, 140W peak)
Operating SystemWindows Vista Ultimate 64-bit
Other Software UsedOffice Enterprise 2007