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ForumMaster's PC Profile

We had an old mac. it was time to upgrade. My dad read on the net and we built our first computer with those good ol' AMD Athlon XP 1700+. since then i've become interested and have built 3 more computers including upgrading mine several times.


My PC's Name:My Rig?
Date Built/Last Mod:This month added more RAM.
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:a Socket 939 system. i'm slow to upgrade cause i like mature technology.
Purpose of My PC:Everything. i play, watch movies and do my school work on my computer.
Internet Connection:2Mb ADSL deal with Bezeq
Furniture:floor for me. =[ but i'm building a custom desk for it.
Where I Shop:Newegg


MotherboardASUS A7N8X-X
RAM/Memory1024 of Generic RAM
Processor/CPUAMD Athlon XP-M 2400+ @ 2205Mhz
Video CardNvidia 6600 256MB
Sound CardIntegerated Nforce 2
Power SupplyEnermax 400W
CaseCooler Master Centurion 5
Hard Drive(s)WD 80GB
Optical Drive(s)Sony DW-Q30A DVD Burner
Cooling SetupArctic Cooling Copper Silent 2M heatsink fan combo.

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor17" Polyview v372 LCD 8ms
Keyboard & MouseMicrosoft Internet Keyboard and an A4 Optical Mouse
Sound SystemCreative Inspiron 2500 2.1 Speaker system
Backup System(s)i don't need one. my computer has never failed me yet
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro SP2
Other Software UsedOpera
ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
PC Tools Spyware Doctor