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Darkenedstar's PC Profile

My name is Russ, I've been working with computers since age 9, and everything i've learned is self taught. I remember what really got me into enthusiast parts and performance tweaking. I went to buy quake 3 and tried to install it on my (at the time) compaq 500mhz K6-2 with integrated SIS video....thats when I started to learn about Graphics cards, and everything from there. Now I'm a PC technician at Firedog, (you may know it as Circuit City's Geek squad) Anyways, I am always learning new things, and i'm always trying to take my system to the next level in some way.


My PC's Name:Darkenedstar
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Well, My main system has been down for some time do to time/money constraints. I've sent in my DEAD BFG 6800ultra, in the meantime I came across a XFX 7950 570 that is going into my system, currently rebuilding it, it's got a DFI NF4 in it so i bought a Toledo X2 3800+ to drop in it replacing my Venice 3200+. that should give it a jump start
Benchmarks:nothing atm. coming soon
Purpose of My PC:Whatever I want
Internet Connection:Weak Charter 3mbit (WTB 15Mbit Fios PST)
Furniture:Big plastic table i use for lans i got it at
Where I Shop:Newegg, frozencpu


RAM/MemoryCorsaid XMS PRO PC3200 3-3-3-8 1gb x 2
Processor/CPUAthlon X2 3800+ Toledo socket 939
Video CardXFX Geforce 7950GT 570 512mb gddr3
Power SupplyOCZ Gamexstream 600w
CaseChenming Elite, custom,
Hard Drive(s)WD 250gb 8mb cache SATA2 hd
Optical Drive(s)Liteon Dvd burner
Cooling Setup80mm x2 on front, 80mm x2 on back 92mm on top, 120mm on side, Thermalright XP-90c w/Vantec Tornado 92mm on CPU

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorSoon: HP W1907 w/briteview technology
Keyboard & Mouse15 dollar compusa keyboard, Logitech G4 gaming mouse
Sound SystemKlipsch GMX 5.1
Operating Systemxp sp2