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Cooliosof's PC Profile

Well hello people.
Im me, ex-pro gamer since 2003, have been gaming in the CoD1/2 scene, also the Counterstrike 1.6,
I quitted gaming as i had no money or intrest in gaming or building computers, also it was expensive in those days if you were younger.
Know that im older i got back making a rig, using it for daily chatting, mailing, work and games.
Priorly games ofcourse, but its bad the publishers are releasing bad games and poorly optimized engines for High end rigs.
Despite spending money on a High end rig, im happy i bought it and learned much about it.
My next Upgrade will be Mid-End 2009, and i will suprise you Haha!


My PC's Name:Ultimate Rig
Date Built/Last Mod:24-10-2008
Building PCs for:Less than 1 year
Future Plans:My future upgrade will consist of a new CPU,MOBO,CPU-FAN,RAM and maybe a Case if i can get rid of my case that i'm using now ( Antec 900 ).

Intel i7 920

Cosmos S - No PSU
Benchmarks:Virtual mark - 19,600
3D Mark Vantage - 20,150
X3 Terran Conflict ( Extreme overclockers Forum;

8..... 100.1.....Cooliosof -- [CF] 4850 @ 680/2260 -- E8400 @ 4,275Ghz -- Air/Air Baby!
7..... 104.3.....Cooliosof -- [CF] 4850 @ 680/2160 -- E8400 @ 4,27Ghz -- Air/Air Baby!
8..... 107.7.....Cooliosof -- [CF] 4850 @ 680/2160 -- E8400 @ 4.27 -- Air/Air Baby

All diffrent resolutions and highest settings, link can be found here: .
Beating people with i7, Quads and more.
Purpose of My PC:Games and watching movies
Internet Connection:24MB/s
Furniture:Luxe Busness Chair


MotherboardAsus P5Q Pro
RAM/Memory4GB OCZ PC-6400 @ 950 Mhz
Processor/CPUE8400 3Ghz @ 4,275Ghz
Video Card2X HD4850 @ 680/2160
Sound Card5.1 Sweex Onboard
Power Supply1Kw Zalman
CaseAntec 900
Hard Drive(s)500GB Seagate 7200RPM
Optical Drive(s)Samsung DVD
Cooling SetupScythe Mugen & CM 120mm

Other Goodies

Display/Monitor22'' Iiyama
Keyboard & MouseLogitech G15 + G9
Sound SystemLogitech x-530 5.1
External HardwareUSB Adapter
Operating SystemWindows Vista Extreme Gamer x64 + Windows 7 x64
Other Software UsedI use alot of software, Messaging like Windows Live Messenger, 3D Mark, Winamp, Cyberpower DVD, Grabit, FTD, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Games, Office 2007 and alot of more.