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BioMonster's PC Profile

First tasted the internet and computers during my second run through college. First computer I ever had consistent access to was an ancient PowerMAC 6530, omg that was horrible. Eventually I bought myself an eMachine for 400$ during my third run through college. That's how I know how to do tech support! Sooooo many hours trying to get that thing to work right.
As far as why, I'm just a dork and I happend to gravitate towards computers and computer stuff.


My PC's Name:The Great Machine
Date Built/Last Mod:Novemeber 06 - Replaced power supply
Building PCs for:1 to 2 years
Future Plans:My big dreamy idea is build a Borg cube. Green glowies, some pneumatic junk goin' on, SFX maybe, would be cool to rig up some pressurized sounds and mechanical case opening stuff.
Personal Site/Blog:Click Here to View
Purpose of My PC:Everything
Internet Connection:Qwest DSL 1.5 MBps, Qwest-ey DSL modem
Furniture:Thrift store giant L-shaped desk - 60$ <> Standard Office Chair 100$
Where I Shop:Tiger Direct
New Egg


MotherboardMSI 6580 (totally ugh, I know)
RAM/Memory2 x 512 - Heatsink armor on one
Processor/CPUP4 2.4GHz
Video CardnVidia GeFroce Ti 4600 (I'm broke right now lay off XD)
Sound CardCreative Audigy
Power SupplyUltra V Series 500W
CaseFlat Black, Side plexi window, nothing fancy
Hard Drive(s)1 40GB IDE + 1 300GB SATA Maxtor 7200rpm 16mb cache
Optical Drive(s)DVD-ROM, DVD-RW
Other Drivesstandard 3.5" floppy, black
Cooling SetupCPU fan, couple case fans, 1 multi color LED fan
PCI CardsSATA PCI adapter card (mobo has no SATA ports ; ;), ATI Tv Tuner Card
Other ModsShunting PS2/Xbox/PS1/SuperNES/NES/Genesis/Gamecube/Saturn through PC

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorViewsonic 18" Black CRT (flatpanels are expensive)
Keyboard & MouseLogitech iTouch keyboard, MS Nightivision Optical wireless 5 button mouse, scroll+tilt wheel
Sound SystemLogitech 5.1 surround
Backup System(s)DVD-R drive, broken 14GB USB portable hard drive lol
External Hardware4GB MP3playing flash drive, Creative Zen 40GB MP3 player, Pentax Optio 8MP Digi Camera
Operating SystemWin XP
Other Software UsedAutoCAD
Studio Max
Adobe stuff
Warhammer Dark Crusade
Paintshop Pro
SETI @ home