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Battlefront's PC Profile

I Love to build computers been building for about 10months now and i now A+ Certified


My PC's Name:Mission to Mars
Date Built/Last Mod:Jan 12 2008
Building PCs for:Less than 1 year
Future Plans:I might do some liquid cooling not sure yet
Purpose of My PC:Gaming mostly
Internet Connection:DSL
Furniture:a Desk
Where I Shop:NewEgg mostly but i think i bought a few things from TigerDirect


MotherboardAsus Crosshair
RAM/MemoryOCZ DDR2 800 4GBs
Processor/CPUAMD Athlon 6400+ OC'ed to 3.46ghz
Video CardXFX 8800 gt x2 in SLi 750/1075
Sound CardExtreme Fx came with mobo is pwns.
Power SupplyXion 600 watt modular
CaseAntec Twelve Hundred
Hard Drive(s)2 36 raptors in raid 0
Optical Drive(s)Dvd burner
Cooling Setupzalman 9700

Other Goodies

Keyboard & Mousemouse logitec mx revolution key board saitex
Sound Systemlogitec z-550
Backup System(s)just my laptop its nothin fancy
Operating SystemWindows Xp