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Axel88's PC Profile

I am a tall man 28 years of age and of Scottish/Deutsch decsent.
I love Tech. As a child I was heard to say (carrying a bag for of metal parts) "Man this is heavy technology" Loved computers and would be running back and forth from friends houses with floppy disks. Moved up to the Amiga 500 and witnessed its demise to the much hated IBM third party clones and spent years hating computers and had nothing to do with them and the idiots that had killed Amiga to play Doom. Eventually found "Total Annihilation" and started helping around a Free LAN for kids. The LAN was illegal obviously and was a collection of junked PCs. The town where it was set up has a powerful PC fanbase who all build.

I love games. I play Supreme Commander.
I LAN when ever possible with my friends. Online 24/7

I don't make any excuses for using my PC as a way to escape reality.


My PC's Name:Liquid Blue
Date Built/Last Mod:18 Months ago
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Learn programming and make sweet games....
Benchmarks:6861 PC Mark 05
3740 3D Mark 06
Purpose of My PC:To be the core of my house....Entertainment. But in time it will have many tasks Security included.
Internet Connection:1.5Mb/s
Furniture:Sad....really sad stuff. Need a comfort solution.
Where I Shop:MSY Technology.


RAM/MemoryGEIL PC6400 2 x 1GB
Processor/CPUIntel E6600 Core 2 Duo
Video CardLeadtek Nvidia 7600GT
Sound CardOnboard Realtek HD Audio
Power Supply800W Modular
CaseSuper Flower "Xion"
Hard Drive(s)2 x Maxtor 320GB in RAID 0 Array.
Cooling SetupGigabyte Galaxy 3D. Excellent purchase!
Other ModsUV Lighting. 2 x 12' Cold Cathode

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorLG 17' LCD + 19' Acer WS
Keyboard & MouseMicrosoft Wireless Laser Mouse 5000, Wireless Keyboard.
Sound SystemTeleFunken Surround Sound, Peavy AMP 2 x 125W
Backup System(s)none. Back up ??? What for???
Operating SystemMicrosoft Server 2003
Other Software UsedEVE ONLINE
Supreme Commander
Forged Alliance
Guitar Pro. 5