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ALC-X's PC Profile

Avid PC/Computer Enthusiast since mid 1980's, eventually worked my way into PC tech position..Now work in Systems department of large government origanization. Have 7 homebuilt PC's (wife & kids) including Server and Linux based router/firewall (IPCOP). Currently enjoying O/C FX-60 at 3.1Ghz...It flies! UPDATE! I'M NOW ON CONROE @ 3.7 (and climbing, hopefully), and I just added 2 more GIG of GSKIILL DDR2, getting ready for Vista64. ASUS P5B Motherboard driving me crazy with memory compatabilities and general quirkiness. Upgraded to P35 chipset Gigabyte P35-DS3P. Running ROCK solid at 3.5 Gigahertz. UPDATE! Instead of going QuadCore I decided to get E6850, now I'm at 4GHZ. I also, updated to Crucial Ballistics 8500 DDR2


My PC's Name:SmokingCore2Duo
Date Built/Last Mod:06/01/2007 / Added memory, changed to another TEC (Ultra Chill-TEC)
Building PCs for:More than 4 years
Future Plans:Future - Quad-Core2Duo (Q68XX), 2 more SATA WD500 for 1 TB RAID10, 1 more SATA DVDRWRAM, Vista 64 by FALL '07!
Benchmarks:SuperPi 1.5 mod, 1 MEG - ~13.1 secs
Purpose of My PC:Games (a little), Browser, Music, Video encoding/converting, light programming...WORK!
Internet Connection:Cabel (Roadrunner) 10M/1M, Gigabit Network, w/3 GIG switches connected throughout home!
Furniture:PC Desk with 3 extensions for additional computers
Where I Shop:Various Online vendors, mostly Newegg


MotherboardGigabye P35-DS3P
RAM/MemoryCrucial 2GB GHZ PC8500 4-4-4-12 2T
Processor/CPUC2D E6850
Video CardBiostar 8600GT
Sound Cardon motherboard
Power SupplyPC Power and Cooling Silencer 750
CaseThermalTake MozartTX
Hard Drive(s)WD Raptor 74G, Western Dig. 750 SATA, 2 Western Dig. 500 SATA
Optical Drive(s)SAMSUNG LightScribe 18X SH183L SATA
Other DrivesMultiDrive, Floppy w/USB and Various Card Readers
Cooling SetupUltra Chill-TEC, 10 x 120MM Case Fans, 1 HD Cooler

Other Goodies

Display/MonitorACER 22" LCD, AL2216WB
Keyboard & MouseMicrosoft 6000 Laser
Sound SystemEASTERN 4.1 with DSP AMP
Backup System(s)DVD-RW and Server DAT (DDS-4)
External HardwareSeveral Thumb Drives and USB 4-port HUB
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro, Suse, Vista Beta, DOS
Other Software UsedOffice 2003 Pro
Acrobat 8 Pro
Mozilla 1.5
Nero 7.5 Ultra
Webroot Spysweep