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Silverstone NT01 (v.2) CPU Cooler


Silverstone NT01 (v.2) CPU Cooler


Made from an all Copper construction using the finest heatpipes made (powder Heatpipes) Includes a removable Fan shroud u can take off if your going to use this cooler fanless if not the shroud can house 2 x 60mm Fans, Comes with a 3 in 1 cpu mounting bracket and the cooler also ships with a special pair of LGA 775 Socket brackets for tight fitting motherboards.




Special Features
* All copper construction
* Superior powder heat pipe design
* Suitable for any P4 Socket 478 orientation
* For use with P4 Prescott 3.2GHz & above
* Included fan shroud for added performance potential

Material - Copper base, fins, and heat pipes
Heat Pipe Type - Powder
Application - Socket 478,LGA775,AMD Socket 754, Socket 939, & Socket 940
Cooling System - 2 x 60mm (optional with included shroud)
Net Weight - 587.67g or 1.2lb
Dimension 130 mm (W) x 108 mm (H) x 95 mm (D)

Detailed Review:

First off I`d like to say best cooler I`ve ever bought, I bought this cooler to replace my watercooler that had my Celeron D 340 @ stock and my temps where 45c Idle bought this cooler used it on my celeron for a while (dont remember what the temps where) Got My Pentium 4 530 over Christmas, put the P4 in my systemand @ stock with this cooler with 2 x 60 mm fans i was doing around 24 idle now i run my P4 @ 4.05Ghz and my P4 Idles around 32-34c