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Super fast video card


EVGA 8800GTX KO ANS3 768MB Video Card


Fastest card on the market to date, just under the recently released 8800 Ultra (over 200.00 more for slightly higher performance).

This card gives you the satisfaction that you have a top notch component and leaves nothing to be desired. It was reviewed on between 4 other brands and EVGA was the fastest available.

Very nice game, Dark Messiah Might and Magic included with the card. Im addicted already.


Runs a bit hot, making me rethink my case solution. I have GPU waterblock but am too scared to remove the factory cooling setup to use.

Very power hungry, uses approx 166watts of power alone. You will have to have 2 6 prong PCI power cables for one card, 4 for two cards and an extra molex plug to go into the motherboard for SLI. EVGA says 450 watt power supply but I felt safer with 650, will need to upgrade to around 1,000 watt for SLI, min 850 watt.


NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTX
626 MHz GPU
128 Pixel Pipelines

768 MB, 384 bit DDR3
2000 MHz (effective)
96.0 GB/s Memory Bandwidth

SLI Capable

Resolution & Refresh
240 Hz Max Refresh Rate
2048 x 1536 x 32bit x85Hz Max Analog
2560 x 1600 Max Digital

Detailed Review:

All I can really say about this card is, WoW!! I originally purchased the 8800GTS 320MB video card by EVGA and I was getting benchmark numbers averaging 9000 with the AMD X2 6000+ CPU and 2G memory.
My decision to go with this card was to keep the cost down but after getting this card and a week later thinking about going SLI I had to make the decision to go with 2 of these cards or taking the card back and applying the difference to go with the top dog 8800GTX ANS3 card. My thoughts were if I spend about the same amount of money on these 2 cards and be at the end of the road on upgrades or go with the higher card and spend more money again later to get another performance spike. It only made sense to be able to upgrade again since you can never get enough power.

After taking this new card home and installing, I got about 2000 more points on 3dmark06 over the GTS card totalling around 11,000 points. I should get between 12,000 and 13,000 with a second card.

***Overlook the wiring and the hard drive at the bottom of my case, I haven't tidied up my wiring since installing my 650watt power supply and I am testing Windows XP 64bit on a trial version so I temporarily added a 120G drive I had lying around to do this test.***

Also, I tried to add pics but I keep getting errors telling me the files cant contain the name and lists the name of the pic. I renamed them but still didnt work. : /