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is AMD dead?


AMD AM2 x2 6000+ Windsor


nice headroom to stay ahead of the lower-end Intels, AM2 is futureproof for a future K10 upgrade. ITS only $169!! bragging rights among AMD enthusiasts. Some say this CPU is a FX-62 since the specs are the same, wasnt that like $1000 a yr ago?


it runs hot, seems like dinosaur technology seeing those E6600 benchmark comparisons. For now a 20 sec Super PI CPU is slow?


Asus M2n-SLI Deluxe
AMD Athlon x2 6000+ @ 3.38Ghz
2x1gb Patriot PC-6400

Retail HSF

Detailed Review:

It seems that not a day goes by when you hear of an intel C2D hitting some kind of overclocking or power record. Being a die-hard AMD fan and going to free AMD training seminars, getting good discounts, and generally believing in AMD as a value system has really lost its integrity. Well thats all changed for me, because i just upgraded from a socket 939 4400+, and well i just have to say that the extra 1Ghz really makes a difference.

I bought this processor as a retail box, and had no problems whatsoever installing and hooking anything up. It comes with a huge heatpipe HSF, which is a good improvement over the retail HSF's in the past. A Asus M2N- SLI Deluxe motherboard, and 2gbs of Patriot PC-6400 memory were installed into my system, along with the bells and whsitles that come with any Asus motherboard.

I was somewhat disappointed to acknowledge that my watercooling system needed a different lucite top compared to 939, but then again 4 mounting points are better than 2, so i'll have to add to this article my results of a waterblock on the processor instead of a retail HSF. This is especially true of a 6000+, since it is rumored to be the last .90nm part AMD will produce.

With the .90nm process comes HEAT, and the 6000+ is no exception. If you intend on running the retail HSF, you will probably be ok since it is a 1.3v cpu, but be aware that any voltage adjustment will really open the wattage of this processor. After playing with the 6000+ for about an hour i couldn't get it to run for more then ten minutes at anything over 3.4Ghz. It would have no problem in windows, the problem was as soon as the temperature got to around 60C it was impossible to say it was running stable.

im at 3380 (13x260) now with the retail HSF, and its running at 43 idle 52 load. This thing clearly has more headroom, and once proper cooling is incorporated, I'll add my findings.


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