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A PC Profile gives you the ability to create a webpage listing all of your computer's specs, pictures, in addition to your future mods, years of experience building PCs, and more.


Hardware Reviews

Cases (6) new
Reviews of computer case of different sizes and materials.
CD & DVD Drives (2)
How does that DVD or CD drive stack up to the competition?
Cooling Systems (6)
Reviews of various products to "cool" your PC, such as case fans and CPU cooling setups.
Displays (1)
Reviews on everything from monitors, LCDs, and plasmas.
Hard Drives (1)
Reviews of internal and external hard drives, covering everything from IDE, SCSI, SATA, and more.
Keyboards & Mice (1)
Reviews of all types of keyboards and mice for computers.
Memory & RAM (1)
Reviews of various kinds of RAM/Memory for your PC.
Motherboards (0)
Reviews of all types of Intel and AMD motherboards.
Other Components (0)
Reviews of other PC components, such as cables, adapters, and more.
PCI Expansion Cards (2)
Reviews on all types of expansion cards, including USB adapters, RAID controllers, SATA Controllers, and more.
Power Supplies (3) updated
PC power supply reviews of all wattage levels.
Printers (0)
All types of computer printers reviewed.
Processors & CPUs (2)
Reviews of various computer processors/CPUs from Intel and AMD.
Removable Storage (0)
Reviews of all types of removal storage media such as USB flash drives, smart media cards, etc.
Sound Cards (0)
Reviews of sound cards for your PC.
Speakers & Sound Systems (1)
Reviews of speakers and sound systems specifically for your PC.
Video Cards (1)
Brag (or complain) about video cards you've used.

Recent Reviews

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Scythe Infinity CPU Cooler

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